CASA HOWARD Guest Houses Rome and Florence, our Fattoria in Sarteano, our poderi I POZZI and BECCAFUMO are environmentally friendly since always! notwithstanding the environmental difficulties (Italian lack of governing the issue) as there are very few ethical policies or schemes that benefit the local community.

We use organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible :
- our jam, marmalade and honey are homemade in Sarteano (Siena), therefore we use only local ingredients from our land
-our fresh flowers are grown in our garden in Frascati (Rome) with some organic manure we buy close by. (see photographs)

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- We use ecological detergents and cleansing, however we have to import them (floor soap and dish soap by Aubrey) from the UK ! – they are not sold in Italy
- The toiletries supplied to our Guests are eco-friendly, they are by Officina dè Profumi di Santa Maria Novella and made with quite the original process and best of natural row materials since year 1600 (e.g. we provide pomegranate in winter and mint soap in summer).We do use any box or folder to dispense them (we have steel special dispensers) so we save paper /cellulose
- Olive Oil from our Tuscany farm : in Sarteano (Siena) we produce our own oil, in the old oil mill that is in our own house. Our most faithful Guests are given a small sample as a gift (sorry, we cannot sell it, it is such a small quantity !)
Unfortunately composting, waste and water recycling do not benefit such schemes in Florence, only partially in Rome.
Energy efficiency
We make some solar power in both Florence and Rome, and we only use low consumption bulbs. I Pozzi will soon be 50% solar and 15% biomass powered. Unfortunately, winter heating of the swimming pool at La Fattoria is power consuming, we are waiting for permission to install solar cells on to the roof.
Responsible social policies
We employ local staff as much as we can. We try hard to convince the public administration in Sarteano that e.g. giving a help in maintaining the stonewalls in the woods is wise and profitable for the future generations (see the new Duke of Northumberland’s Academy for rural crafts in Alnwick….)
Alternatives to car travel
e.g.  in Florence we make bikes available for touring or we suggest our Guests where and how to collect them.